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Hackathon: Autism Speaks

I recently attended AT&T’s San Francisco hackathon, where they partnered with Autism Speaks to host an event around creating apps to help autism. A great cause, generous sponsors, and wonderfully talented people. Not to mention the opening presenter, Alex was wearing Necomimi cat ears. If that’s not a good sign of awesome things to come, I don’t know what is.

Our wonderful team day one. Left to right; Rachel Blue (me) Jay Zalowitz, Lois Brady, Gary Brady, Lance Vikaros, and Gabriel Adauto.

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Dark Side Jam Recap

Some people enjoy travel, camping, or hiking. But me, I like hackathons and game jams. Which probably explains why I spent an entire weekend at the dark side jam. It may sound crazy to work all weekend with only a few hours of sleep on a hard floor (or couch if you’re lucky), but to me that’s fun.


We created a game and called it Nostos. You can get it free (and without adds!) in the android app store or on the dark side jam website with all the other games. Check it out.

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Everyone Hacks – San Francisco

Hi again everyone. Sorry It’s been a while, but what with the recent move, starting a new class, and participating in a local hackathon I’ve been a bit busy. But for now know that I have officially moved from the windy city of Chicago to the San Francisco Bay area (and I must say, winters here are much more to my liking ^_^).

Recently I competed with a team of strangers at a wonderful event called ‘Everyone Hacks’. The main theme was education, and we worked on a website that would allow teachers to get books that were not in the budget, but still sorely needed. We called it Trader Books.

Trader Books Infographic

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