Everyone Hacks – San Francisco

Hi again everyone. Sorry It’s been a while, but what with the recent move, starting a new class, and participating in a local hackathon I’ve been a bit busy. But for now know that I have officially moved from the windy city of Chicago to the San Francisco Bay area (and I must say, winters here are much more to my liking ^_^).

Recently I competed with a team of strangers at a wonderful event called ‘Everyone Hacks’. The main theme was education, and we worked on a website that would allow teachers to get books that were not in the budget, but still sorely needed. We called it Trader Books.

Trader Books Infographic

The info graphic you see above is the lions share of the design for this project. A simple, concise way to show what the website did. Two calls to action were below this on the demo site were ‘Donate’ and ‘Request’. These were accompanied by their respective icons (as seen in the image above) to reinforce the icon association.

It was a very relaxed event full of lovely people and fun ideas. I look forward to more San Francisco Hackathons to come.

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