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Chicago Game Jam: Lose Your Lemmings

I already told you about my awesome team (and our odd yet fun decision to feature lemmings). But I didn’t yet tell you how long and hard we worked, if we placed in this competition, or show off some of the awesomeness that was completed. So let me do that here. A post Game Jam recap if you will.

Action shot of lemming duel. I created the background image, Lemming ball, and animation sprites that were used here. So much art, and so much fun.

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My Portfolio Website is Live!

My new portfolio website is live and I can’t wait to fill it up with content. There will be plenty of artwork coming to fill the gallery, and probably some blog posts as well. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you have any questions about the artwork please post a comment.

If you have a burning desire to request a comission I would love to hear all about it. Just use the handy dandy contact page and I’ll be in touch with you just as fast as my fingers can type up a reply.